Financial Recovery for Me

As a recently single person I’ve established complete control over my budget. In the past I always compromised based on whatever was going on in a marriage or it’s fallout. Now that I look back at a cumulative total of nearly eighteen years of marriage I realize I’ve blown MILLION$$ on nonsense.

Some spent on “therapeutic” vacations meant to mend a troubled relationship. A lot spent litigating over important things and sometimes over nothing at all. The rest on homes over sized for the balance between our life goals and our budget.

Coming out of this last marriage, I developed a budget and a financial plan. I felt validated when I listened to Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”. Much of what he recommends I had already integrated in my plan, however key elements for his order of priority and focus made excellent sense for me to refine and improve my plan. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a definitive get rich plan if you follow it and live it.

I won’t cover it in detail since there is so much out there as far in reviews and critiques.

I will say that I personally HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for anyone and everyone. I bought the CD’s and listened to them several times, taking notes with a different focus each time.

We ALL use and need money. For something so important to all of our lives we do ourselves harm when we don’t take the time to learn. At the very least check it out at a local library.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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