Kick Butt Buffalo Style Dip

I had someone tell me about this dressing at a party recently. The original recipe ingredients as told to me were: Marie’s Premium Super Chunky Blue Cheese dressing, Franks Original Red Hot Sauce, and tiny little chicken chunks.

I decided to get the ingredients minus the chicken and give it a shot myself. I was also interested in mimicking it with less expensive ingredients. And today is the day.

In order to take advantage I have cold cooked shrimp, a peeled carrot and nacho chips to try it on.

My alternate ingredients were Ken’s Steakhouse Chunky Blue Cheese in a squeezable container and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

The dressing is the base. Dump it to a portion size that will suit your purpose maybe enough for a single meal or a whole party. Then season to taste with your hot sauce.

First thing to compare is texture. Marie’s is definitely loaded with more chunks of Blue Cheese than Ken’s. Marie’s is definitely thicker forming a lump while Ken’s ran a little.

Second thing to compare is taste. Seasoning to taste between the two hot sauces resulted in nearly identical flavors with a mildly hotter after burn with the Louisiana hot sauce.

With ingredients: Carrots were so sweet the ‘buffalo’ flavor was lost. The shrimp were good in both dips but the texture of Marie’s definitely allowed more dip per dipping to be carried to one’s pie hole. With nacho chips the results are similar although less worrisome since the dry surface retained a lot of both dips.

I’m sure this could be thickened with other elements like extra blue cheese chunks and chicken chunks or something else imaginative.

Final summary: Experiment with your blue cheese and hot sauce of your own choosing. Although you may be less likely to imitate the texture with less expensive dressings, flavor is certainly one that can be copied. I love this recipe for its sheer simplicity and ease, especially since I always have these ingredients on hand.

Happy munching.

*** Update: To thicken it up, soften a chunk of cream cheese in the microwave and pour everything on top and use a fork to blend.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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