Popeil Pocket Fisherman Review

I’ve been watching Ron Popeil’s infomercials since I was a kid. His “Pocket Fisherman has always interested me. For its compact size and opportunity it seemed very cool.
So when I saw them for sale in a Walgreen’s near home, I snagged it. With Fasha’s Dream and Tippy around compact size is important. Space is limited in both of them.

I immediately unpacked her and gave it a try at
John Chesnut Park. Let me say first, I have no illusions. I paid $20 and the small ‘rod’ obviously won’t provide the whipping affect for extensive range. I’ve bought compact poles that are retractable and they would fall apart after a few casts. Would Ronco do me right?
The “Fisherman” unfolds so simply and locks in the open position The casting mechanism is a simple reel mechanism. Hold the button down and release with the cast. It cast as well as other lightweight poles or maybe a bit shorter. There were moments when the line would snag before the lure reached the end of its projected arc. I was able to achieve distances of 10 yards or more at times with very little weight. I was switching between lightly weighted bait and a spinner lure.
As for the reel, it worked well. It has a sprocket inside of the hand crank that easily allows someone to set line tension.
Even with a direct line of site on some very respectably sized catfish, I couldn’t get a nibble so I can not comment on how the rod plays with a live fish hooked.
Overall: It’s compact and more durable than the telescoping rods I’ve dealt with. If you want compact and inexpensive, then it’s worth considering. Only time will tell if it holds up to the long term rigors.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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