Messaging from Heaven (aka Digsby)

I’ve been a tech head since Commodore 64’s were the mainstream method of dialing into a BBS.

Over the year’s I’ve accumulated a few e-mail and instant message addresses. Some are clearly the primary source of keeping in touch with the world. Others, for subscribing to more questionable world or communicating with people on another service as a spam mailbox.

One day I was browsing to check out their instant messengers. After trying a few out, I quickly fell in love with

So what does it do that’s so special? First it provides a single interface for logging into all the different IM ID’s that I have. AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo! messenger with the capability of logging into more than one ID on each.

An ADDED feature is it’s ability to status you on multiple web mail accounts. So I no longer have to log on to each messenger or each web mail site just to find out if there is anything new in my inbox.

I kick off Digsby and there it goes. All my IM’s in one screen, in one place, with a status of my web mails if anything new shows up. Click on any new arrivals and it opens your default browser to the correct web mail service.

OH, there’s more you say?! Yes there is. It also has the capability of tracking status of social networking sites like Twitter and Myspace. I don’t have accounts on either of those, but its a neat feature for someone who spreads themselves further than I do.

There is even MORE. On my blogs main pages are Digbsy widgets that allow someone to anonymously IM with me with no log on needed.

Summary: 1 – Browse by Gizmo. You never know what little kernel of goodness you’ll come across. 2 – Try Digsby to simplify your complex techie life. 3 – If you blog, use the Digsby widget. A neat feature.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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