Day 3 of Weight Control – Reflection

As I start the day, I should probably mention my weight progress and schedule. I weigh myself first thing every morning. It’s the time when my body is most purged and typically at it’s low for it’s daily cycle. I’ve had this habit for about a year, although I’ve never made this much of an effort to affect the outcome. Day 1 – I weighed in at 201 pounds. Day 2 – 199 pounds. Day 3 – 196.2 pounds.
I’m a little astonished. I expected fairly quick results since I’ve increased my exercise and decreased my intake significantly, but not quite this drastic. The results are 2-3 pounds a day for a total of 5 pounds in two days. I was expecting maybe a pound a day.
So let’s think about this. I’ve got several things happening at once. I’m forcing my body to jump start with consumption of the fatty tissue by forcing it to rebuild muscle tissue with accelerated workouts. That should be out pacing my calorie consumption. I’m sure that a portion of the weight loss is in body moisture since the elevated work outs will undoubtedly require me to increase my fluid intake and I might be at a deficit or slightly dehydrated.
Based on today’s morning weight I only have 5 more pounds to go before I reach the upper limit of my target range (191 pounds or less). If this rate continues it’s feasible I could be in range in the next three days. Good, but then what?
I’ll need to find my plateau for balance between calorie intake and calorie burn. Of course, I need to be careful of burn out due to lack of attitude (mental) or lack of energy (excessive calorie deprivation).

If I am capable of this much progress in this short term, maybe I really am overweight. No one ever considers me overweight. I never did.
I’ve been feeling some positive results. My pants have been fitting a little looser around the waist. But after today’s stepping session I paused by the pool and allowed myself a moment only to look down and realize that as fit as I thought I was, I still had some spare overhang. Women call it a muffin top, only mine was like a loaf. Ugh.
In another vein, everyone wishes they were “that guy”. You know that guy who takes of his shirt and people gawk at his zero body fat. Could I get to that point? Not that I ever looked overweight with clothes on. How cool would it be to even get close to reach “that guy” status.
With that in mind, I think I’ll add body fat to my items to track. Thankfully, I already have a scale that measures body fat %.

I finished this day with roughly 984 calories consumed and 528 calories in exercise. I do feel a small bit of fatigue, although this was an early rising day for me and a late night for the VP debates. This first five pounds I think is the easy part and I know more challenging time is ahead. We will see as the morning weigh ins come around how well this goes.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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