3 Oct 2008 – Day 4 of Weight Control

Weight loss this morning was not as extreme as the past few days. I’m at 195.4 pounds and my body fat is measured at 27%. I expect that I’m going to begin a slower rate of decrease. I don’t feel ravenous, but I do feel that I’m going to have to up my calorie intake and hydration to ensure I don’t send myself into a severe deficit.

I also took time to check out the Physical Activity functions of www.MyPyramid.gov . I was impressed that it was able to approximate calories burned based on time and relative performance. Excellent, one more way to mark my progress. With this tool I determined that my 30 minutes of strength workouts expend around 110 calories. Obviously this can’t be totally accurate, but it suffices to track relatively. It also shows that aerobics activities burn calories much faster giving you more caloric bang for the same amount of time. This will come in very handy as I want to vary my work outs to avoid boredom.
It also helps you to classify what kind of physically active person you are so you can refine your Menu Planner profile.
Why does that matter? A sedentary individual is allowed a LOT less junk (solid fats, sugar and alcohol) than a more active individual. If it means I can have an extra rum & diet coke, then I’m there.
And speaking of work outs, I’ve gone over and above my normal this past five days. I can feel it in my calves around the plantar fasciitis and some in my shoulders from my last strength work out. I passed on work outs for today to avoid burnout.
The menu planner is helpful. I had a few extra helpings at dinner and hit 1413 calories today and I pushed the limit on the junk elements because of the kind of dinner I ate. I call it a baked been casserole. Basically a can of good baked beans in a 9X9 dish with corn bread mix over top cooked until the corn bread is done. Not the best for me, but OOooooh did it taste so good.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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