I Planned, Fate Laughed

Somewhere around 593 days of alcohol free (late February 2018) and in my 51st week of training for 5k’s I developed a soreness in my knee.

Naturally, I had been pushing myself to try and get a decent time for the last 5k to complete the ‘5K a Month’ for a Year challenge. I had also taken it for granted it was in the bag and had already begun thinking of goals immediately beyond that, like a 10K and a half marathon and dreams of a marathon in the next year.

Unfortunately, I believe I over trained. So for the final run of the year, I intentionally cut my speed back by at least a minute per mile to minimize recovery.

At 598 days alcohol free, I was able to complete the 5k. When it came to training after that, my knee wanted nothing to do with it. I went through the RICE routine for a week with no progress. After two weeks of NO running, my knee was sore just walking a half mile at a leisurely pace walking the dog. Incredibly frustrating.

In those times, yep, the thought passed my mind that a drink would take the edge off and help me forget. And when that 10 second loop of thought passes, the replay then moves on to remember the downward spiral of dehydration, lack of motivation, depression, and demoralizing feelings that would go with that mistake. When the loop ends,  I realize it ain’t worth it and the feeling has passed.

Here I am at 644 days. My knee seems to be on the mend since I completed a slow one mile jog pain free this morning. I planned, fate laughed, but I still win in the end.


Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

3 thoughts on “I Planned, Fate Laughed”

  1. Well done!! What a hero! You must be so proud of yourself and rightly so. Injuries are a real nuisance … I hurt my leg last summer and was off sports completely for six weeks. It drove me mad. Lovely post … you’ve got a follow from me! Katie


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