Podcast Love

Full Disclosure – this is an Android centric perspective. I cant say this applies to the Apple platform.

I’ve always appreciated brain food. Not just music from streaming services, like Pandora, Spotify, or Slacker.

But stories of interest that may be thought provoking or newsworthy or informative. I find it enjoyable to go through my day with (like Arsenio Hall used to say) ‘Things that make you go hmmmmm’. Especially when I’m doing something thoughtless like driving, yard work, doing dishes, taking out the garbage or in the same room with someone that’s watching a show I’m not interested in.  

Over time, I’ve enjoyed the audio tracks of Youtube, but don’t need the video. I’ve appreciated NPR during drives or streaming from my desktop, but that’s a limited segment.

Over the years, I discovered the blogs from the Art of Manliness  and only recently began to listen to his podcasts. Through his podcasts he revitalized a number of interests that I’ve had.

It was through the Art of Manliness that I heard about Stitcher, an online audio streaming service. Then I became a streaming fiend not only in my braindead time, but in the background while working. Of course, when the good stuff shows up, I pause the stream take notes or remove distractions so that I can focus and then start it back up for the juicy stuff.

From Stitcher I’ve found several interesting newscasts. Have you ever heard the BBC’s take on what goes on in the news for the United States? Very interesting view.

And then there is Soundcloud. There is some overlap in principle but very few podcasts appear on both. Shopify has a few podcasts that I listen too that are interesting.

Both SoundCloud and Stitcher are advertising funded services. If there are other services out there, please share.

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