Gut improvement and Weight Loss

This account isn’t filled with drama or suspense.

I had basically given up weighing myself in June, being disgusted with having hit 218 pounds and struggling with injuries regularly. I went so far as to toss out my skinny jeans.

Around the end of the second month of being sober, I noticed a few things. I felt my waist was getting smaller. I was very cynical thinking it was an illusion of some sort. Continue reading “Gut improvement and Weight Loss”


July 6th was day 186 of 2016. That was my first full day on this sober journey.

The weekend leading up to that day, was around the pool, munchies, hanging with family and inactivity (other than yardwork) and a number of beers.

The wife had declared that she was quitting alcohol a few weeks before the fourth of July. I’d been curbing my intake for a while and experienced some minor improvements, mostly corrections to some self inflicted issues (more on that later), so I said I would join her after the holiday weekend. Continue reading “Sleep”


Bingo. My session with my doctor was valuable, informative and a bit shocking. Like a rough rude shove by a stranger that I was in the wrong place and about to get in real trouble.  

It was a serious moment when I realized, I was hurting myself. Not just mildly either. Anything that can jack with my heart rate so significantly that I questioned whether I could make it through the night was a problem. And it had been going on for three nights. Continue reading “Bingo”

Holiday Heart

In mid-April of 2016 I had a blood test where I’d been told I “show indicators of being pre-diabetic”. And frankly, I brushed that off because I was silly enough to have had a beer or two the day before and was told I only needed eight hours before the blood test clean. But it was a warning sign, I decided to ignore. After all, I was not hugely overweight, I was fairly active. I chalked it up to my own bad timing. Continue reading “Holiday Heart”

Politics and the Media

Let’s be real. Real about politics. We’re dependent on the world around us to provide the information we need about the candidates. There are very few people on the planet that actually get in close enough proximity in any way shape or form to the highest level candidates. And we’ve heard that the world view is slanted because of the media and that this is a new thing.

I’m hear to argue, no it’s not. Well, not a new thing that is.  Continue reading “Politics and the Media”

Alcohol – In the beginning

I grew up in the shadow of a family that drank. Some died as alcoholics. Some debilitated from the long term effects of alcohol.

My own relationship with alcohol? I was first introduced to alcohol when I was eight or nine. My dad would be sitting on the throne of his recliner and, like any child that looks up to their dad as larger than life, I asked for a sip of his beer. Continue reading “Alcohol – In the beginning”