3D Printing – Here we go

I’ve been a 3D print lurker for as long as they’ve been around in the maker community. I watched the line of RepRap models expand and change. I watched as several 3D printer brands made there forays into the market with many fading into oblivion. I also watched as many promising brands and technological ideas fell by the way.

But, I always held back because I knew that they could very easily be a time suck. Something that I would enjoy and likely become frustrated with the amount of free time I wanted.

In September of 2020 I found myself out of corporate life and realized, I didn’t need a job (I counted toward the great resignation I guess). Fast forward several months and I realized that I should take up hobbies that I had been putting off. So I dusted off the idea to take up 3D printing.

Thanksgiving of 2021 and I bought myself an early Christmas present of a Creality Ender 3 V2 . What took me so long?

Actually it was logistics supply chain. I tried buying through three different Amazon vendors that advertised a good price, but once I made the purchase after a week or so I’d get a message that my order had been canceled or wouldn’t be shipped for several months. This took a few weeks of trial and error.

So, instead of messing around any more I went to the Creality.com website, figured out they had a US presence and placed my order. I had my printer in a week.

I will share as time goes on.

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