Day 7 Weight Control

194.6 & 27% body fat when I first got up.

Better than expected after a filling meal the previous night.

30 minutes Stepping for appx (forgot to get actual) 500 cal burned.

Post work out weigh in: 192.8. Wow, is 191 achievable that quick? Like the diving of the Dow recently, so is my average daily interval weight declines, I’m hopeful since it’s all pointing down.

A 1.8 pound swing between wake up and 3pm following a work out. This is obviously an indication that my daily fluctuation weight is going down.

** Time for a reality check for those reading this. This is obviously a dehydrated and hungry weigh in and is not a solid achievement. But it is a sign of positive progress and there is a possibility of making 191 pounds in the next few weeks. My hope is to hit 191 (another 5 pounds) by 26 October, which gives me another 19 days to reach the goal for an early a.m. weigh in.

How do I feel? Let’s see, I’m not ravenous. When I do get hungry, I do eat, but I’m very selective so I get fewer calories for feeling sustained. I am experiencing some tinnitus, maybe from the full strength black coffee (no cream) this morning which is normal for me. I’ve definitely lost some belly bulk since my pants are noticeably looser. I should get a tape measure to check my waist. Shame that just a month ago, I threw out a bunch of skinny pants I’d been hanging onto. I do feel thirsty, but that’s to be expected with the doubled up work outs.
What’s going well: The “MyPyramid” planner has been awesome. It’s helped me to choose the right things in my calorie counts and balance the different food types between grains, veggies, meats, and fruits. The doubled up work outs so far have been good in more ways than one. I’m continuing to be conservative meaning injury free and enjoying the side benefits of feeling more energetic and feeling mentally focused.

What might I change: I’m going to add some frozen dinners of the diet variety into the mix. With picking the appropriate diet ones and reading the labels clearly I should find a variety at around 300 calories. I’ll probably make a habit of cooking some foods like chicken and rice or other things at the beginning of the week to make quick food preps during meals faster. I’ll continue to do homework with the planner so that I can budget some more food favorites into the mix. I’m also planning to work in some other types of work outs.

Today’s summary: 30 minutes stepping & Workout for about 600 calories burned. 939 total calories.

Author: 21Buzzards

Retired military reservist and corporate helping parent a grandchild. Sharing my evolution as age and priorities impact life.

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