Time, Time, Time…

233 days, still dry and the days fly by easily.

I mentioned in a previous post that I realized I had a lot of time now. Time that I’m not spending stranded at home because I’ve been drinking and shouldn’t drive. Time that I’m not putting in the frequent drinker miles running from my couch to the booze and fridge. Time that I’m not dragging my ass around trying to recover from the hangovers, re-hydrate or fix my gut. Time that I’m not wasting with a fuzzy brain thinking of the next day. Time that I’m now able to think clearly about what is in front of me.  Continue reading “Time, Time, Time…”

“Something Stronger Than Me..”

I was minding my own business, doing whatever unimportant thing I was after, listening to a little country and heard the meaningfully dramatic tones serenading me with “Pour me something stronger than me“.

I stopped in my tracks and realized, wow, how many times I felt that way. Connie Britton’s song hit a chord personally and musically.  Continue reading ““Something Stronger Than Me..””

209 Days – Still here, Where is that?

It’s been 209 days since my last drink of alcohol.

I still pass those trigger moments, like after an exhausting day or when I’m physically drained the thought of a beer sounds good. But it’s fleeting without a lot of pressure.

Since we, as a couple, have removed the habit from our lives, continuing to remain sober has been fairly easy. In the early days, it felt strange that I wasn’t occupying my time with the habit that took up so much time. So, what am I doing with all the new found free time? Without consciously thinking about it, a lot actually. Continue reading “209 Days – Still here, Where is that?”

Incrementally Sober

If you haven’t guessed, I spend a fair amount of time online. Whether it’s involved with work or following entertainment or the pursuit of intelligent observations.

Podcasts are one of many things and I found one recently that I felt a particular affinity for from Freakonomics, “In Praise of Incrementalism“.  Although it doesn’t specifically call out dealing with alcohol, I see the applicability quite clearly.  Continue reading “Incrementally Sober”

Day 180 New Years Day

I know. It almost sounds like I planned it that way, but not actually. Weird that my 180th day of sobriety has fallen on the first day of the new year 2017.

How did it go? Anti-climactic like most New Years in recent years. In the past decade, I’ve progressively become less interested in the party time, getting blitzed scene. It’s just plain tiring with the late hours and incredibly expensive with getting a ride, dining out at inflated prices, and it doesn’t fit my personal life very well with caring for youngster. Only this time, absolutely no hangover even from early evening drinks. No dragging with waiting up for midnight celebrations. And no multi day recovery. Continue reading “Day 180 New Years Day”

Tahoe Temptation

The wife had connected us with a fantastic deal through AirBnB at south Lake Tahoe on the California side. The place was on a water channel in a marina community and was a four bedroom house. To boot, it was a chance to see snow (still unique for these transplanted Floridians) and ski at a nearby mountain called Heavenly. Continue reading “Tahoe Temptation”

Bad Feelings

I’ve been dry since July 5th of 2016 and today is December 11th of 2016. That’s 158 days with no alcohol as of this writing.

During the time I was drinking, it’s clear to me now I had a lot more going on. Although I was fully functioning with my habitual drinking, I had a lot of triggers to drink. Celebrating, sadness, and just the day of the week. Some triggers were much more subtle that I wasn’t aware.

Continue reading “Bad Feelings”